New Wave Chiropractic utilizes a technique called Torque Release Technique (TRT). This is the most research-based, specific, scientific chiropractic technique in the world. TRT allows us to be as gentle as possible when adjusting, making this one of the safest and effective techniques for all ages.

We utilize the Integrator adjusting instrument, allowing adjustments to be:

  • Precise: Drs. Nick and MacKenzie use the integrator to pinpoint the exact location on your spine that needs to be adjusted.
  • Specific: The force, frequency of energy, torque, speed, and thrust provided by the integrator have been specifically designed to deliver the exact amount of adjustment to help normalize nerve function.
  • Gentle: The integrator uses minimal force for spinal adjustments that can be delivered while the spine is in a relaxed position.
  • Fast: The incredibly fast but gentle impulse is one of the secrets to the effectiveness of this instrument.
  • Recoil: The integrator has the built in ability to recoil, increasing the body’s response to the adjustment.
  • Torque: Subatomic particles, atoms, muscles, and human bodies all move in three dimensions. The integrator was designed to have a three dimensional impulse to maximize the effectiveness of the adjustment on the human body.
  • Reliable: The integrator delivers very consistent and reliable adjustments so that the correct amount of force and energy needed is received for every adjustment.
  • Consistent: The TRT assessments, examinations, and adjustments are standardized to ensure consistent care and identical results.
  • Recognized: The integrator holds many patents and is a FDA approved device for the use of adjusting and correcting subluxations.